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Fisherman's Electric Lamp
Product Code: D/8202/E
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Height 370mm
Diameter 365mm


Vintage Hanging Lantern
Product Code: 340333
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Diameter 105mm
Height 480mm


Muffin - Hanging Light
Product Code: Muffin-ceiling
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Height 470mm
Diameter 530mm


160mm Cup Lamp
Product Code: 160mm Cup Lamp
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Height 132mm
Diameter 160mm


190mm Cup Lamp
Product Code: 190mm Cup Lamp
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Height 150mm
Diameter 190mm


240mm Cup Lamp
Product Code: 400015
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Height 190mm
Diameter 240mm


3 Arm Pineapple Pendant
Product Code: 100012
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Height 620mm
Diameter 950mm


Caius Tiffany Ceiling Pendant
Product Code: O/OT 5234/16 P
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Height 220mm
Diameter 420mm


Cello 2Lt Semi-Flush
Product Code: E/HK/CELLO/SF
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Height 406mm
Diameter 485mm


Clear Acorn Pendant
Product Code: 100002
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Min Height 270mm
Max Height 570mm
Diameter 123mm


Dock Lamp 360 Delux
Product Code: 400012
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Height 350mm
Diameter 360mm


Drawing Room 2Lt Flush Mount
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Height 152mm
Diameter 330mm


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Let your ceiling lights take centre stage in your room with our exceptional range of lights. For a classic and elegant feel, opt for chandeliers and make a statement with the many designs which we have on offer. For something modern and contemporary, why not try using pendant lights and hang them at different heights? This creates a dramatic look and ensures that your lighting will be the focal point of the room. For traditional lighting, we offer a range of semi-flush and flush ceiling lights which come in an array of styles. The Art Deco style lights speak volumes and bring a piece of history to your home with them.

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