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Art Deco Ships Light with Opalescent Shade
Product Code: 800044
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Height 360mm
Diameter 130mm approx


Brass Gimble Lamp with Cranberry Opalescent Shade
Product Code: 800048
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Height 430mm
Diameter 130mm approx


10" Globe Lamp
Product Code: D/8701
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Height 380mm
Diameter 300mm

Starting From £135.50

1920's Pullman Table Lamp
Product Code: 340325
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1930's Table Lamp with Opal Coolie Shade
Product Code: 340316
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Height 520mm


4" Marine Anchor Light
Product Code: D/5611/E
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Height 230mm
Diameter 140mm


7" Bracket Anchor Light
Product Code: D/8612/E
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Height 455mm
Diameter 280mm


7" Bracket Globe Lamp
Product Code: D/8713
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Height 305mm
Diameter 250mm

Starting From £144.00

Antique Brass Table Lamp with Cream Shade
Product Code: 340332
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Height 450mm
Base Diameter 140mm


Antiqued Brass Angle Poise Table Lamp
Product Code: 800050
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Height 550mm
Base Diameter 190mm


Art Nouveau Bankers Lamp
Product Code: 340314
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Height 180mm
Diameter 280mm


Black Chinoiserie Table Lamp
Product Code: 340329
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Height 500mm
Base Diameter 150mm


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Floor lamps and table lights and ideal for providing your room with a soft practical glow and allow you to carry on with your tasks without the need of having to switch on the ceiling light. Table lamps and floor lamps are great for providing light to specific areas in your room especially where you need them most. Here at John Moncrieff we pick a great range of traditonal lamps and contemporary lamps to bring you the best lighting options available. We also offer a Bespoke service to customise any designs you have in mind.

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