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Vintage Globe Pendant
Product Code: 309208
Height 190-1000mm (Maximum Drop)
Diameter 175mm


Edwardian Rise and Fall
Product Code: 340318
Height 1.4m Max
Diameter 50cm


Frosted Globe with Linear Detailing
Product Code: 309313
Height 160-1000mm (Maximum Drop)
Diameter 150mm


Three Tier Pendant
Product Code: 309310
Height 215-1000mm (Maximum Drop)
Diameter 150mm


White Flower Pendant
Product Code: 309306
Height 155-1000mm (Maximum Drop)
Diameter 165mm


1920's Cranberry Etched Shade
Product Code: 801329
Height 140mm
Diameter 145mm
Fitter Size 30mm


Turquoise Cone
Product Code: 801129
Height 110mm
Diameter 84mm
Fitter Size 40mm


Vintage 39mm Rochester Chimney
Product Code: 700268
Height 175mm
Base Diameter 39mm


Champagne Art Deco Hanging Bowl
Product Code: 309131


Circular Pendant with Orange Bands
Product Code: 309203
Height 160-1000mm (Maximum Drop)
Diameter 150mm


Flower Shaped Vintage Pendant
Product Code: 309205
Height 180-1000mm (Maximum Drop)
Diameter 150mm


Grecian Style Pendant
Product Code: 309303
Height 250-1000mm (Maximum Drop)
Diameter 200mm


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