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Binstead Chandelier
Product Code: E/BATH/BN3
Min Height 390mm
Max Height 530mm
Diameter 405mm


Wallingford Semi-Flush Chandelier
Product Code: E/BATH/WL3
Min Height 380mm
Max Height 520mm
Diameter 410mm


Knight 1 Light Spotlight
Product Code: EN/39166
Diameter 80mm


Knight 3 Light
Product Code: EN/39167
Diameter 240mm


Lipco 300mm Flush Light
Product Code: EN/28506
Diameter 300mm


Marine Flush Light
Product Code: F/MARINE8203
Diameter 245mm


Ocean Flush Light
Product Code: F/MARINE6097
Diameter 230mm


Portico 300mm Flush Light
Product Code: EN/PORTICO
Diameter 300mm

Starting From £30.00

Portico LED 300mm Flush Light
Product Code: EN/54676
Diameter 300mm


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Here at John Moncrieff we have an exceptional range of Bathroom lighting which has been fully tested for your use in the bathroom. Deciding on your Bathroom lighting can sometimes be tricky. Wall lights are perfect for highlighting the areas in the bathroom which you use the most, such as mirrors or shaving cabinets. They can also be used to change the atmosphere of your room by deciding on the style of finish. Another useful tip for changing the feel of a room is to pick the correct type of light-bulb.

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