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Product Code: brok-flutes
Height 2000mm Maximum Drop
Diameter 0 degrees : 113mm 15 degrees: 116mm 30 degrees: 127mm


Product Code: brok-lightline
Height S: 340mm M: 370mm L: 310mm XL: 570mm
Diameter S: 322mm M: 380mm L: 450mm XL: 360mm


Balloons Medium
Product Code: balloons-tbl-med
Height 600mm
Diameter 428mm


Muffin - Hanging Light
Product Code: Muffin-ceiling
Height 470mm
Diameter 530mm


Balloons Floor Lamp
Product Code: Balloons-flr-lrg
Height 850mm
Diameter 610mm


Memory Balloon Ceiling Light
Product Code: Memory Balloon Ceiling Light
Height S: 250mm M: 300mm L:400mm
Diameter S: 263.5mm M: 317.5mm L:423.5mm

Starting From £155.00

Memory Balloon Wall Light
Product Code: Memory Balloon Wall Light
Height S: 250mm M: 300mm L:400mm
Diameter S: 263.5mm M: 317.5mm L:423.5mm

Starting From £155.00

Muffin - Medium Table
Product Code: Muffin-med-tbl
Height 506mm
Diameter 530mm


Muffin - Portable
Product Code: Muffin Portable
Height 526mm
Diameter 530mm


Muffin - Small Table
Product Code: Muffin-sml-tbl
Height 346mm
Diameter 370mm


Planta - Medium
Product Code: Planta-med
Height 680mm
Diameter 400mm


Planta Large
Product Code: Planta-large
Height 1380mm
Diameter 400mm


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BROKIS – a synthesis of exquisite design, superior quality, and the remarkable craftsmanship of Bohemian glass artisans. Based in the Czech Republic, BROKIS produces exclusive glass lighting born of the skill of outstanding artisans continuing the age-old Bohemian glassblowing tradition. Its original lighting collections are designed by world-renowned Czech and international artists and have won numerous awards in prestigious design competitions both at home and abroad. Exquisite design and superior quality are cornerstones of the BROKIS portfolio. BROKIS lighting collections have achieved international acclaim by combining traditional, hand-blown glass with other extraordinary materials, such as wood and hand-pressed metal, in bold compositions that push the boundaries of contemporary design.

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