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lighting accessories

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10mm Thread Hook in Various Finishes
Product Code: 289920


Balance Ring
Product Code: 289960
Height 34mm
Diameter 42mm


Brass Reducer Rings
Product Code: 304015
Diameter 45mm


Brass Shade Ring
Product Code: 287010B
Diameter 31mm


Chrome Shade Ring
Product Code: 287010C
Diameter 31mm


Cord Finials
Product Code: 010009


Heavy Duty Brass Hook
Product Code: 289931
Diameter 62mm


Large Hook in Various Finishes
Product Code: 289930
Height 53mm
Diameter 40mm


Spring Assembly
Product Code: 290637
Diameter 115mm


White Reducer Ring
Product Code: 288503


0.5" Chain in Various Finishes
Product Code: 286002


0.75" Chain in Various Finishes
Product Code: 286001


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Here you will find all the necessary pieces needed to restore or fix your lights. We offer you a great range of hardware suitable for everything from fixing your Pendant Lights to simply changing your light bulbs. We also have a range of ceiling hooks and lighting cable available. If you cant see what you're after please contact us.

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