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10" Globe Lamp
Product Code: D/8701
Height 380mm
Diameter 300mm

Starting From £135.50

10" Masthead Light
Product Code: D/4401
Height 545mm
Diameter 250mm

Starting From £444.80

15" Cargo Lantern
Product Code: D/8803
Height 370mm

Starting From £112.00

15" Gauge Lantern
Product Code: D/8804
Height 385mm
Diameter 200mm

Starting From £116.30

1930's Famos 120 CP
Product Code: 340322
Height 620mm


1960's Hand Painted Hanging Lamp
Product Code: 340305
Height 360mm
Diameter 160mm


19th Century Hanging Oil Lamp
Product Code: 340317
Height 95cm est. (Overall drop)


4" Anchor Light
Product Code: D/4611
Height 240mm
Diameter 110mm

Starting From £134.40

4" Bicolour Light
Product Code: D/8412
Height 240mm
Diameter 120mm

Starting From £147.20

4" Brass Side Light
Product Code: D/8311
Height 240mm
Diameter 115mm

Starting From £134.40

4" Copper Side Light
Product Code: D/4311
Height 240mm
Diameter 115mm

Starting From £134.40

4" Masthead Light
Product Code: D/4411
Height 240mm
Diameter 120mm

Starting From £134.40

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Oil Lamps come in a large variety of styles. One of the most popular are Aladdin Mantle Lamps, which use a mantle to enhance the light. In the UK the double wick English duplex is common and was produced in a number of brands such Veritas , Hinks and Messengers. Kosmos style and the Matador style Oil lamps are popular in Europe. The duplex lamps uses two wicks to generate more light, the Kosmos and Matador Oil Lamp use a round wick . A variant of the oil lamp is the pressure lamp, that uses vaporised fuel and a mantle to produce light. The Tilley lamp is the iconic pressure lamp, other types are Vapalux , Bi Aladdin and the Coleman pressure lamps which is popular in the United States. Petromax and Anchor Lamps are popular in Europe and the Far East.

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