oil lamp burners

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10"' Kosmos Burner
Product Code: 600010
Height 66mm


Queen Anne-Eureka Burner Size 1
Product Code: 600002
Height 47mm
Diameter 80mm


Queen Anne-Eureka Burner Size 2
Product Code: 600003
Height 55mm
Diameter 90mm


6 Line Kosmos Burner
Product Code: 600006
Height 61mm
Base Diameter 25mm


Duplex Bayonet Style Burner
Product Code: 600001b


Duplex Oil Lamp Burner
Product Code: 600001s
Height 70mm


8 Line Kosmos Burner with Wick and Collar
Product Code: 600008
Height 79mm
Diameter 28mm


Aladdin Brass Model 23 Burner
Product Code: 23-burner
Height 106mm
Diameter 85mm

Starting From £84.50

Aladdin Lamp Gallery in Brass or Chrome
Product Code: 700620
Height 40mm
Diameter 40mm


12 Line Kosmos Burner
Product Code: 600012
Height 70mm
Base Diameter 39.5mm


14 Line Kosmos Burner
Product Code: 600014
Height 90mm
Base Diameter 39.5mm


20 Line Matador Burner
Product Code: 600020
Diameter 350mm
Diameter of Second Hole 42mm


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