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100mm Hobnail Cut Shade
Product Code: 700050
Height 190mm
Diameter 200mm
Fitter Size 100mm
Diameter of Second Hole 100mm


100mm Opal Vesta
Product Code: 703002
Height 127mm
Base Diameter 100mm


108mm Opal Vesta
Product Code: 703012
Height 90mm
Base Diameter 108mm


112mm Opal Vesta
Product Code: 703023
Height 85mm
Diameter 116mm
Top Hole Diameter 53mm
Base Diameter 112mm


124mm Opal Vesta
Product Code: 703034
Height 95mm
Base Diameter 124mm


128mm Lime Green Vesta Shade
Product Code: 801016
Height 93mm
Base Diameter 128mm


128mm Opal Vesta
Product Code: 703045
Height 110mm
Base Diameter 128mm


130mm Kosmos Frosted Globe
Product Code: 705263
Height 115mm
Diameter 130mm
Fitter Size 60mm


130mm Kosmos Opal Globe
Product Code: 705005
Height 115mm
Diameter 130mm
Fitter Size 60mm


134mm Opal Vesta
Product Code: 703059
Height 116mm
Base Diameter 134mm


143mm Opal Frilled Vesta
Product Code: 703059L
Height 150mm
Base Diameter 143mm


144mm Opal Vesta
Product Code: 703060
Height 120mm
Diameter 151mm
Base Diameter 144mm


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If you are looking to create a new look for your Oil Lamp why not change the Oil lamp shade which you use? Here at John Moncrieff we have an excellent range of Tulip Shades and Vesta shades suitable for Oil Lamps, all in different colours.

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