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Clear or Frosted Outdoor Shade
Product Code: 801456
Height 176mm
Diameter 84mm
Fitter Size 84mm

Starting From £30.00

Fishermans Lamp Shade
Product Code: 801357
Height 160mm
Diameter 170mm
Fitter Size 125mm


Frosted Fishermans Shade
Product Code: 800439
Height 160mm
Diameter 180mm
Fitter Size 180mm


Gloss Opal Fishermans Shade
Product Code: 800096
Height 230mm
Fitter Size 220mm


Reeded Outdoor Shade in Clear or Frosted
Product Code: 801457
Height 140mm
Diameter 80mm
Fitter Size 80mm


Small Fisherman's Dome
Product Code: 800310
Height 140mm
Base Diameter 110mm


Swirled Fisherman's Shade
Product Code: 800541
Height 210mm
Diameter 215mm


Extra Large Fishermans Lamp
Product Code: 800309
Height 200mm
Diameter 160mm


Opal Fisherman's Shade with Top Hole
Product Code: 800544
Height 150mm
Top Hole Diameter 8mm
Base Diameter 150mm


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