pre loved light shades

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Original Church Globes
Product Code: 800089
Height 170mm
Diameter 170mm
Fitter Size 100mm


X2 Original 1920's Tulips
Product Code: 801345
Height 120mm
Diameter 100mm
Fitter Size 60mm


"Moving Van " Shade
Product Code: 800264
Height 150mm
Diameter 105mm
Fitter Size 30mm


Czech Vintage Shade
Product Code: 800198
Height 135mm
Fitter Size 30mm


Frilled Opal Ceiling Shade
Product Code: 762015
Height 175mm
Diameter 320mm
Fitter Size 77mm


Green Tulip Christopher Wray
Product Code: 800535
Height 140mm
Diameter 145mm
Fitter Size 30mm


Hand Cut Crystal Shade
Product Code: 700456
Height 130mm
Fitter Size 80mm


Holophane Tulip Shade
Product Code: 801284
Height 95mm
Diameter 145mm
Fitter Size 60mm


Preloved Ceiling Shade
Product Code: 800225
Height 140mm
Diameter 190mm
Fitter Size 46mm


Tiffany Style Table/Ceiling Lamp Shade
Product Code: 800801
Height 160mm
Diameter 350mm
Fitter Size 40mm


Vintage Ceiling Shade
Product Code: 800908
Height 250mm
Diameter 160mm
Fitter Size 100mm


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