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158mm Rounded Coolie Shade in Opal or Green
Product Code: round-coolies
Height 80mm
Diameter 158mm
Fitter Size 57mm


18" Opal Coolie
Product Code: 730400
Height 140mm
Diameter 457mm
Fitter Size 68mm


180mm Mottled Blue Coolie Shade
Product Code: 801031
Height 100mm
Diameter 183mm
Fitter Size 55mm


250mm Flat Opal Coolie
Product Code: 730367
Height 55mm
Diameter 250mm
Fitter Size 55mm


295mm No Neck Opal Coolie
Product Code: 730491
Height 130mm
Diameter 295mm
Fitter Size 44mm


380mm Metal Coolies in Various Colours
Product Code: metal-coolies
Height 210mm
Diameter 380mm
Fitter Size 40mm


Clear Coolie
Product Code: 730528
Height 110mm
Diameter 245mm
Fitter Size 57mm


Flat Opal Coolie Shade with Clear Lip
Product Code: 801072
Height 50mm
Diameter 255mm
Fitter Size 55mm


Medium Rich Green Coolie
Product Code: 801527
Height 100mm
Diameter 238mm
Fitter Size 40mm


Pale Blue Matte Coolie
Product Code: 730526
Height 135mm
Diameter 290mm
Fitter Size 55mm


Prismatic Coolie
Product Code: 730787
Height 110mm
Diameter 250mm
Fitter Size 57mm


Small Rich Green Coolie
Product Code: 801598
Height 120mm
Diameter 215mm
Fitter Size 40mm


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Use different lamp and light shades to determine the amount of light released into your home and to control the atmosphere within it. If you are thinking of changing your light shades at home think of these things before purchasing. We offer a great range of custom made fabric light shades and glass light shades to suit your needs. Glass light shades add angles to your room when the light is lit and they omit soft shadows in various directions changing the feel completely.

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