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Frilled Prismatic Tulip
Product Code: 730712
Height 105mm
Diameter 150mm
Fitter Size 57mm


Large Crystal Cut Acorn Shade
Product Code: 700502
Height 260mm
Diameter 240mm
Fitter Size 154mm


Medium Frilled Prismatic Shade
Product Code: 730711
Height 140mm
Diameter 225mm
Fitter Size 53mm


Medium Prismatic Shade
Product Code: 730719
Height 120mm
Diameter 155mm
Fitter Size 57mm


Original Holophane Shade
Product Code: 801283
Height 145mm
Diameter 145mm
Fitter Size 100mm


Prismatic Bell
Product Code: 730767
Height 110mm
Diameter 150mm
Fitter Size 57mm


Prismatic Coolie
Product Code: 730787
Height 110mm
Diameter 250mm
Fitter Size 57mm


Prismatic Dome Shade
Product Code: 800851
Height 146mm
Diameter 305mm
Fitter Size 59mm

Starting From £37.20

Prismatic Shade in Clear or Frosted
Product Code: 730730a
Height 140mm
Diameter 135mm
Fitter Size 30mm

Starting From £20.40

Prismatic Shade in Various Sizes
Product Code: 730730
Height M: 210mm L: 285mm XL: 353mm
Diameter M: 200mm L: 270mm XL: 350mm
Fitter Size 40mm

Starting From £33.60

Prismatic Shade with Long Neck
Product Code: 801619
Height 105mm
Diameter 190mm
Fitter Size 55mm


Prismatic Tulip Shade with Pattern
Product Code: 712289
Height 110mm
Diameter 145mm
Fitter Size 55mm


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Use different lamp and light shades to control the amount of light released into your home and to control the atmosphere you want to have. If you are thinking of changing your light shades at home think of these things before purchasing. We offer a great range of custom made fabric light shades and glass light shades to suit your needs. Glass light shade add angles to your room when the light and omit soft shadows in various directions changing the feel completely.

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