A selection of  lanterns suitable for hallways, entrance ways and foyers. We offer a wide selections of lanterns both new and vintage of fine quality, all produced withing Europe 

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Helsinki Wall Lantern
Product Code: E/HELSINKI_W
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Height 236mm


Kinsale Flush Lantern
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Height 440mm


P&O Lantern
Product Code: D/8824/E
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Height 345mm


Wilmslow Lantern (Head Only)
Product Code: E/WSLL1_BLACK
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Height 825mm


Captain's Oil Lamp Jr
Product Code: D/8208/O
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Height 310mm
Diameter 190mm


Mess Lamp
Product Code: D/8808
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Height 230mm
Diameter 135mm

Starting From £57.60

Pantry Lamp
Product Code: D/8877
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Height 260mm
Diameter 144mm

Starting From £65.10

Saloon Oil Lamp With Shade
Product Code: D/8203
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Height 570mm
Diameter 360mm

Starting From £182.40

Wall Lamp
Product Code: D/8807
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Height 270mm
Diameter 135mm

Starting From £65.10

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