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Aladdin Lamp Gallery
Product Code: 700619
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Height 48mm


Aladdin Pleated Parchment Shade
Product Code: 700627
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Height 222mm
Diameter 355mm


Aladdin 21 Lamp Wick
Product Code: 700608
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Aladdin Kone Kap Mantle Adapter
Product Code: 700628
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Aladdin Lamp 14 / Super Aladdin Wick
Product Code: 700609
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Aladdin Lamp 23 Wick
Product Code: 700607
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Aladdin Lamp Coach and Horses Fabric Shade : 350mm Base
Product Code: 800611
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Height 225mm
Top Hole Diameter 230mm
Base Diameter 350mm


Aladdin Oil Lamp in Chrome or Brass
Product Code: 700602
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Height 545mm (Including Chimney)
Diameter 158mm

Starting From £178.00

Original Aladdin Lamp Shade with Rose Pattern
Product Code: 801174b
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Height 200mm
Base Diameter 250mm


Original Aladdin Oil Lamp Shade
Product Code: 801174
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Height 200mm
Base Diameter 250mm


Super Aladdin with Bakelite Font
Product Code: 340301
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Height 806mm


Aladdin Brass or Chrome  Model 23 Burner
Product Code: 23-burner
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Height 106mm
Diameter 85mm

Starting From £84.50

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