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pressure lamps and spares

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Bialaddin Vapalux
Product Code: 700191s
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Height 100mm
Diameter 98mm


Champagne Top Hat for Tilley Lamp
Product Code: 700181c
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Height 130mm
Top Hole Diameter 116mm
Base Diameter 180mm


Glossy Opal Tulip Gas Lamp size
Product Code: 800025
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Height 155mm
Diameter 75mm
Fitter Size 85mm


Opal Top Hat for Tilley
Product Code: 700181w
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Tilley 171 Glass
Product Code: 700171
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Height 88mm
Top Hole Diameter 51mm
Base Diameter 117mm


Tilley Burner Head
Product Code: 700177
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Tilley Onion Globe
Product Code: 700182
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Height 98mm
Fitter Size 85mm
Base Diameter 43mm

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5" Vaporiser for Tilley Oil Lamp
Product Code: 700169b
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7" Tilley Vapouriser
Product Code: 700169
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Optic Gas Globe
Product Code: 700184
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Height 124mm
Diameter 127mm
Fitter Size 86mm


Solar Lamp Mantle
Product Code: 700175
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Spirit Bottle
Product Code: 700158
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