Oil Lamps

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Frosted Vesta with Star Pattern
Product Code: 800817E
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Height 220mm
Base Diameter 250mm


Galley Oil Lamp
Product Code: D/8878
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Height 335mm
Diameter 170mm

Starting From £65.10

Gimbal Oil Lamp
Product Code: D/8917/O
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Height 340mm
Diameter 160mm


Green Font
Product Code: 702033
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Height 485mm
Diameter 145mm


Green Font
Product Code: 800871
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Height 120mm
Diameter 150mm
Fitter Size 50mm


Hinks Corinthian Column Banquet Oil Lamp
Product Code: 801047
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Height 570mm
Diameter 150mm


Kosmos Burner in Various Sizes
Product Code: 600000
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Starting From £23.75

Large Pine Cone Oil Lamp Chimney
Product Code: 800176
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Height 185mm
Diameter 95mm
Base Diameter 52mm


Large Table Lamp
Product Code: D/8816
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Height 420mm
Diameter 120mm

Starting From £54.40

Lovely Quality Brass Candle Lantern
Product Code: 800027
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Height 550mm (Without Chimney)
Diameter 170mm


Mess Lamp
Product Code: D/8808
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Height 230mm
Diameter 135mm

Starting From £57.60

Officers Oil Lamp
Product Code: D/8213
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Height 550mm
Diameter 270mm

Starting From £203.00

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Oil Lamps come in a large variety of styles. One of the most popular are Aladdin Mantle Lamps, which use a mantle to enhance the light. In the UK the double wick English duplex is common and was produced in a number of brands such Veritas , Hinks and Messengers. Kosmos style and the Matador style Oil lamps are popular in Europe. The duplex lamps uses two wicks to generate more light, the Kosmos and Matador Oil Lamp use a round wick . A variant of the oil lamp is the pressure lamp, that uses vaporised fuel and a mantle to produce light. The Tilley lamp is the iconic pressure lamp, other types are Vapalux , Bi Aladdin and the Coleman pressure lamps which is popular in the United States. Petromax and Anchor Lamps are popular in Europe and the Far East.

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