Oil Lamps

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Superb  Pair of Art Nouveau Oil Brackets
Product Code: 800285
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Height 140mm


Theodore Oil Lamp with Etched Shade
Product Code: 800063
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Height 560mm
Base Diameter 180mm


Trawler Lamp
Product Code: D/8201
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Height 450mm
Diameter 255mm

Starting From £160.00

Trawler Lamp Jr.
Product Code: D/8211
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Height 320mm
Diameter 165mm

Starting From £116.30

W.A.S. Benson Copper Oil Lamp
Product Code: 800643
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Height 490mm
Base Diameter 210mm


 80mm  Base  Victoria Style Oil Lamp Chimney
Product Code: 800803
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Height 285mm
Diameter 160mm
Base Diameter 80mm


 Aladdin Lamp Loxon Oil Lamp Chimney
Product Code: 700299a
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Height 324mm
Diameter 66mm


 Lotus Oil Lamp Chimney
Product Code: 700291
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Height 208mm
Base Diameter 75mm


 Matador 20"'  Oil Lamp Chimney
Product Code: 700084
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Height 280mm
Base Diameter 65mm


 Oil Lamp Globe with Floral Pattern
Product Code: 700100
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Height 190mm
Base Diameter 100mm


 Victoria Style Oil Lamp Chimney
Product Code: 800862
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Height 250mm
Diameter 180mm
Base Diameter 75mm


10 Line  Kosmos Burner
Product Code: 600010
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Height 66mm
Base Diameter 33mm


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Oil Lamps come in a large variety of styles. One of the most popular are Aladdin Mantle Lamps, which use a mantle to enhance the light. In the UK the double wick English duplex is common and was produced in a number of brands such Veritas , Hinks and Messengers. Kosmos style and the Matador style Oil lamps are popular in Europe. The duplex lamps uses two wicks to generate more light, the Kosmos and Matador Oil Lamp use a round wick . A variant of the oil lamp is the pressure lamp, that uses vaporised fuel and a mantle to produce light. The Tilley lamp is the iconic pressure lamp, other types are Vapalux , Bi Aladdin and the Coleman pressure lamps which is popular in the United States. Petromax and Anchor Lamps are popular in Europe and the Far East.

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