Christopher Wray Green Tipped Tulip Light Shade

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  • £30.00

Christopher Wray Green Tipped Tulip Light Shade

Original Christopher Wray shades sold as replacements. Christopher Wray had a number of lighting shops through the UK, during 80s and 90s and many of their fine quality lights are still around. We do not carry a full range of spare shades, but a goodly proportion of the range. 

Please allow between 5-10 working days for delivery.

As we supply such a massive selection of lights and accessories, it isn't possible for us to keep everything on site. We hold all the most popular items here and ship these within 1 working week of placing an order. 


For custom made items please allow between 4-12 weeks from order, until delivery.


Where ever possible we hold these delivery times, but unfortunately circumstances out with our control may mean there are on occasion exceptions.

Shade Specification
Height 150mm
Diameter 140mm
Fitter Size 30mm

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