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200mm Long Neck Opal Diffuser Light Shade
Product Code: 365098
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Height 170mm
Diameter 200mm
Fitter Size 30mm


220mm Long Neck Opal Diffuser
Product Code: 365097
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Height 230mm
Diameter 220mm
Fitter Size 28mm


75mm Opal Cylinder with 3 Arm Fitting
Product Code: 700637
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Height 200mm
Diameter 75mm


Bell Diffusers
Product Code: 365096
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Height S: 190mm L: 215mm
Diameter S: 195mm L: 260mm
Fitter Size 45mm

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Gloss Opal Diffusers Light Shade
Product Code: opal-diffusers
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Height S: 155mm L: 190mm
Fitter Size 30mm
Base Diameter S: 160mm L: 205mm

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Large Opal Acorn  Light Shade
Product Code: 710406a
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Height 260mm
Diameter 240mm Approx
Fitter Size 110mm


Large Opal Acorn Light Shade
Product Code: 710406
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Height 280mm
Diameter 280mm
Fitter Size 80mm


Opal Tulip Diffuser
Product Code: 710301
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Height 155mm
Diameter 155mm
Fitter Size 28mm


Small Opal Tulip Light Shade
Product Code: 711743
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Height 120mm
Diameter 115mm
Fitter Size 30mm


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