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205mm Opal Coolie Oil Lamp Shade
Product Code: 800916
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Height 90mm
Diameter 205mm
Fitter Size 87mm


210mm Opal Coolie Oil Lamp Shade
Product Code: 800918
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Height 67mm
Diameter 210mm
Fitter Size 90mm


220mm Long Neck Opal Diffuser
Product Code: 365097
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Height 230mm
Diameter 220mm
Fitter Size 28mm


225mm Opal Swirled Globe with Opening Top & Bottom
Product Code: 744505
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Height 215mm
Diameter 225mm
Fitter Size 40mm
Diameter of Second Hole 150mm


245mm Base Metallic Finish Coolie Shade
Product Code: 800785
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Height 115mm
Diameter 240mm
Fitter Size 57mm


250mm Large Frosted Crackle Globe
Product Code: 744365
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Height 250mm
Diameter 250mm
Fitter Size 80mm


250mm Opal Globe Light Shade  with Hole at both ends
Product Code: 705045
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Diameter 250mm
Top Hole Diameter 45mm
Diameter of Second Hole 95mm


250mm Pineapple Bowl
Product Code: 762000
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Height 115mm
Diameter 250mm
Fitter Size 195mm


295mm No Neck Opal Coolie Light Shade
Product Code: 730491
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Height 130mm
Diameter 295mm
Fitter Size 44mm


300mm Clear Bubbled Globe Shade  with 100mm Neck
Product Code: 744363B
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Diameter 300mm
Fitter Size 100mm


300mm Clear Globe shade with Seed Bubbles
Product Code: 744363a
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Diameter 300mm
Fitter Size 90mm


300mm Pineapple Ceiling Bowl
Product Code: 762002
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Height 125mm
Diameter 300mm
Fitter Size 240mm


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Use different lamp and light shades to control the amount of light released into your home and to control the atmosphere you want to have. If you are thinking of changing your light shades at home, think of these things before purchasing. We offer a great range of custom made fabric light shades and glass light shades to suit your needs. Glass light shade add angles to your room when the light and omit soft shadows in various directions changing the feel completely.

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