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60mm Opal Halogen Globe  Shade
Product Code: 744800
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Height 60mm
Diameter 60mm
Fitter Size 25mm

Starting From £15.50

75mm Opal Cylinder with 3 Arm Fitting
Product Code: 700637
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Height 200mm
Diameter 75mm


80mm Art Deco Crackle Globe
Product Code: 744360
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Height 80mm
Diameter 80mm
Fitter Size 40mm

Starting From £18.00

Adrian Sankey Opalescent Tulip Shade
Product Code: 800870
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Height 135mm
Diameter 160mm
Fitter Size 28mm


Amber Chandelier Shade with Floral Motif
Product Code: 745501
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Height 120mm
Diameter 120mm
Fitter Size 50mm


Amber Tipped Christopher Wray Tulip Light Shade
Product Code: 801241
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Height 150mm
Diameter 155mm
Fitter Size 30mm


Amber Tipped Christopher Wray Tulip Shade
Product Code: 800928
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Height 140mm
Diameter 140mm
Fitter Size 28mm


Art Deco Brass Shell Shade
Product Code: 809323
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Diameter 180mm
Fitter Size 10mm


Art Deco Clear and Blue Bell Drip  Light Shade
Product Code: 705008
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Height 125mm
Diameter 155mm
Fitter Size 28mm


Art Deco Crystal Cut Pear
Product Code: 714818
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Height 180mm
Diameter 125mm
Fitter Size 80mm


Art Deco Embossed Shade
Product Code: 714696
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Height 129mm
Diameter 98mm
Fitter Size 28mm


Art Deco Empire Torch Shades
Product Code: Empire-Shades
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Height Small: 125mm Medium: 195mm Large: 220mm XL: 420mm
Diameter Small: 90mm Medium: 110mm Large: 170mm XL: 250mm
Fitter Size Small: 57mm Medium: 80mm Large: 100mm XL: 180mm

Starting From £36.00

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Use different lamp and light shades to control the amount of light released into your home and to control the atmosphere you want to have. If you are thinking of changing your light shades at home, think of these things before purchasing. We offer a great range of custom made fabric light shades and glass light shades to suit your needs. Glass light shade add angles to your room when the light and omit soft shadows in various directions changing the feel completely.

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