Vintage Lights


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 3 Branch Antique Brass Chandelier with Opalescent Shades
Product Code: 800100
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Height drop to suit, additional chain maybe required (Maximum Drop)
Height 300mm
Diameter 580mm


Art Deco  Copper and Brass 2 Arm Pendant
Product Code: 800242
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Height 745mm(Maximum Drop)
Diameter 475mm


Art Deco " end of day glass"  Lamp
Product Code: 800195
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Height 220mm High
Diameter 150mm Base approx


Art Deco Amber Pendant
Product Code: 800240
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Height 480mm (Maximum Drop)
Height 150mm
Diameter 100mm


Art Deco Pendant with Gallery
Product Code: 800051
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Height 600mm
Diameter 480mm approx
Height to suit (Maximum Drop)


Art Deco Ships Light with Opalescent Shade
Product Code: 800044
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Height 360mm
Diameter 130mm approx


Art Deco Vintage 3 Branch Chandelier
Product Code: 800243
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Height 400mm
Diameter 300mm


Arts and Crafts Style Hanging Lantern
Product Code: 800592
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Height 170mm
Diameter 125mm
Fitter Size 27mm


Beautiful Arts and Crafts Lantern
Product Code: 800004
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Height 1000mm ( Maximum Drop)
Height 340mm
Diameter 120mm


Blue Bubble Glass Table Lamp
Product Code: 800676
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Height 450mm
Diameter 120mm approx


Ceramic Ceiling Shade Pendant with Flower Pattern
Product Code: 800710
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Height Current drop is approx 500mm , can be adjusted if required
Height 150mm
Diameter 385mm


Charming Crystal Cut Lamp Base
Product Code: 800513
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Height 210mm
Diameter 120mm approx


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