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 3 Branch Antique Brass Chandelier with Opalescent Shades
Product Code: 800100
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Height drop to suit, additional chain maybe required (Maximum Drop)
Height 300mm
Diameter 580mm


 Art Deco Pendant with Opal Globe ; 12 pieces
Product Code: Art Deco Globe Pendant
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Height 1mtr- can be adjusted to suit
Diameter 150mm approx


Art Deco  3 Branch Chandelier with Cube Shades
Product Code: 800056
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Height drop to suit, additional chain maybe required (Maximum Drop)
Height 500mm
Diameter 400mm


Art Deco  5 Branch Chandelier with Flambe Shades
Product Code: 800242
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Height 600mm (Maximum Drop)
Height 600mm
Diameter 500mm


Art Deco  Copper and Brass 2 Arm Pendant
Product Code: 800242
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Height 745mm(Maximum Drop)
Diameter 475mm


Art Deco Amber Pendant
Product Code: 800240
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Height 480mm (Maximum Drop)
Height 150mm
Diameter 100mm


Art Deco Pendant with Gallery
Product Code: 800051
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Height 600mm
Diameter 480mm approx
Height to suit (Maximum Drop)


Art Deco Ships Light with Opalescent Shade
Product Code: 800044
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Height 360mm
Diameter 130mm approx


Beautiful Arts and Crafts Lantern
Product Code: 800004
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Height 1000mm ( Maximum Drop)
Height 340mm
Diameter 120mm


Brass Gimble Lamp with Cranberry Opalescent Shade
Product Code: 800048
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Height 430mm
Diameter 130mm approx


Brass Hanging Lantern with Powell of Whitefriars Shade
Product Code: 800018
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Height 1000mm adjusted to suit
Height 450mm
Diameter 150mm


Charming Crystal Cut Lamp Base
Product Code: 800513
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Height 210mm
Diameter 120mm approx


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We hold an extensive range of vintage and traditional lamps and pendants to bring our customers a wide variety of lights in styles from every era. We also keep antique lighting which has been restored to the highest standards for something different which still holds its original style.

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