Hanging Bowls

A carefully selected range of hanging bowls, which are perfectly suited for living rooms, bedrooms and drawing room. A stylish feature that floods the room with colour 

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Large  Hand Cut Crystal Cut Bowl in Brass Frame
Product Code: 800168
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Height 280mm Bowl Height
Diameter 480mm


Large prismatic two part Holophane Prismatic  pendant light. English circa 1930's
Product Code: Holophane 'Blondel Stiletto Bowl'
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Height 500mm (can be adjusted to suit)
Diameter 355mm

Starting From £325.00

Amber Glass Art Deco Hanging Bowl
Product Code: 800511
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Height 160mm
Diameter 350mm


Beautiful Yellow/Cream Art Deco Bowl  with Blue Design
Product Code: 800512
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Diameter 335mm


Dark Amber Glass Art Deco Hanging Bowl
Product Code: 309132
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Height 170mm Bowl
Diameter 350mm


Shell Shade Art Deco Hanging Bowl
Product Code: 309131
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