Pendant Lights

A splendid selection of quality pendant lights fully rewired, and ready to hang. Stylish addition to your home, that retains their value when you change your decor 

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Original Art Deco Pendant Lights
Product Code: 800606
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Height 140mm
Diameter 153mm
Fitter Size 85mm


Vintage Acorn Pendants with Original Galleries
Product Code: 800805
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Height Shade: 230mm
Diameter of Second Hole 150mm
Diameter Shade: 250mm


Vintage Floral Pendant
Product Code: 309212
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Height 205-1000mm (Maximum Drop)
Diameter 180mm


Yellow Vintage Pendant with Red Stripes
Product Code: 309204
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Height 165-1000mm (Maximum Drop)
Diameter 130mm


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