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Moonstone Pendant Light
Product Code: 800041
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Height 90mm
Diameter 235mm
Height 759mm (Maximum Drop)


Moonstone Pendant Light
Product Code: 800658
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Height 240mm
Diameter 240mm
Fitter Size 125mm


Moonstone Pendant Light with Original Gallery
Product Code: 800517
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Height 1000mm ( Standard Maximum Drop)
Height 120mm (Shade)
Diameter 190mm


Orange and Brown Mid Century Danish Pendant
Product Code: 800052
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Height 150mm
Diameter 400mm
Height 1000mm or to suit (Maximum Drop)


Original 1950s  "Toilet" Sign
Product Code: 80000b
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Height 255mm
Diameter 700mm


Pair of  Mid Century Ceramic Table Lamps
Product Code: 800683
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Height 230mm
Diameter 110mm approx


Pair of Classic Dark Green Table Lamps
Product Code: 800674
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Height 430mm
Diameter 120mm approx


Victorian Pendant
Product Code: 800284
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Height 700mm (Maximum Drop)
Diameter 200mm


Vintage Opal Pendants
Product Code: 800245
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Height drop to suit
Height 180mm
Diameter 250mm
Fitter Size 125mm


 Striking Art Deco Hanging Bowl
Product Code: 800635
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Height 100mm
Diameter 385mm


1920's Pullman Table Lamp
Product Code: 340325
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1930's Table Lamp with Opal Coolie Shade
Product Code: 340316
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Height 520mm


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