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Vasart Balmoral Model Table Lamp
Product Code: 340331
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Height 180mm
Base Diameter 80mm


Vintage Hanging Lantern
Product Code: 340333
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Diameter 105mm
Height 480mm


Brass Student Lamp with Cranberry shade
Product Code: 800878
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Height Overall Height: 400mm
Base Diameter Of Lamp: 115mm


Bronzed Table Lamp
Product Code: 801015
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Height Overall Height: 330mm


Pair of Handsome Ribbed Standard Floor Lamps
Product Code: 800769
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Height 1670mm
Diameter At Feet: 500mm


Strathearn Table Lamps Pair
Product Code: 801041
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Height 390mm
Diameter 90mm


1950's Vasart Pink Tulip Lamp
Product Code: 340028
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Height 230mm
Diameter 130mm


1950's Vasart Tulip Lamp
Product Code: 340307
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Height 230mm
Diameter 130mm


20th Century Brass Gimbal Lamp
Product Code: 309202
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Height 380mm
Base Diameter 100mm


Art Deco Yellow/Cream Pendant Light
Product Code: 800648
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Height 210mm
Diameter 290mm
Fitter Size 120mm


Art Nouveau Lady with a Lantern
Product Code: 800641
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Height 490mm
Base Diameter 140mm


Aubergine Glass  Pendant Light
Product Code: 800657
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Top Hole Diameter 135mm
Height 250mm
Diameter 320mm
Fitter Size 90mm


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