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Art Deco Style Cube Pendants
Product Code: 800524
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Height shade (240mm) -1000mm (Maximum Drop)
Diameter 200mm


Art Deco Yellow/Cream Pendant Light
Product Code: 800648
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Height 210mm
Diameter 290mm
Fitter Size 120mm


Art Nouveau Lady with a Lantern
Product Code: 800641
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Height 490mm
Base Diameter 140mm


Aubergine Glass  Pendant Light
Product Code: 800657
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Top Hole Diameter 135mm
Height 250mm
Diameter 320mm
Fitter Size 90mm


Brass and Wood Retro Table Lamp
Product Code: 340010
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Height 300mm
Base Diameter 100mm


Classic Christopher Wray  Pendant
Product Code: 309001
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Height shade (300mm) -1000mm (Maximum Drop)
Diameter 400mm


Double Mushroom lamp in Guzzini Style
Product Code: 800016
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Height Large Mushroom 250mm Small Mushroom : 180mm
Base Diameter 210mm


German Bakelite Table Lamp
Product Code: 340009
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Height 280mm
Base Diameter 130mm


Grecian Style Pendant
Product Code: 309303
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Height 250-1000mm (Maximum Drop)
Diameter 200mm


Modernist "Mickey Mouse"  Table Lamp
Product Code: 800010
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Height 520mm
Base Diameter 175mm


Modernist Lamp by Louis Kalff for Phillips
Product Code: 800038
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Height 430mm
Base Diameter 155mm
Diameter Shade diameter 325mm


Original Art Deco Pendant Lights
Product Code: 800606
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Height 140mm
Diameter 153mm
Fitter Size 85mm


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