Wall Lights

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Two Arm Picture Light
Product Code: O/PL_G9D
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Height 125mm
Diameter 492mm


Picture Lights
Product Code: E/PL1/20
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Height 135mm

Starting From £120.00

Antique Swan Neck Wall Light
Product Code: 100018
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Height 220mm


Edwardian Wall Light
Product Code: 306104
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Height 210mm
Diameter 150mm

Starting From £74.00

Traditional Art Nouveau Wall Lights
Product Code: 306117
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Height 245mm
Diameter 135mm

Starting From £72.50

Antique  Wall  Light with Etched Bell Shade
Product Code: 100019
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Height 220mm


Antique  Wall  Light with Etched Globe Bell Shade
Product Code: 100017
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Height 270mm
Diameter 155mm


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Get up to trend with our great selection of Wall Lights here at John Moncrieff. Wall Lights omit a different look on your room providing a softer glow and extra dimension. These lights serve a practical purpose for use on the vertical spaces f your room and can be adjusted to be used as either up-lighters or down-lighters and they look stunning as both. Wall Light can be used with table lamps to create different angles within your living space. Outdoor wall lights provide extra security at the home and allow you to use your garden space once dark. We can also adapt our wall lights and add Bespoke finishings if you cant see what you're after.

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