• Oil Lamp; Troubleshooting

Oil Lamp; Troubleshooting

We often get customers calling asking for advice on their oil lamps. The most typical questions are


Why is my lamp smoking ?

What fuel do I use in my oil lamp  ?

Why is the flame so weak ?


In this blog I will give you a few pointers on what to check in order to get your oil lamp working at its efficient best . It doesn’t purport to be a complete list, but certainly they should help.



Personally I prefer to use odourless paraffin, this is still readily available from most good hardware stores. You still get a whiff of paraffin but it’s not so bad, just make sure your room is ventilated. In my opinion, pre-packaged bottles of Lamp Oil are not as efficient as Paraffin, I find that it is too thick and it doesn’t climb the wick as well.  Impure fuel can be a cause of a smoking lamp.


Make sure that your wick is either trimmed flat or into a point, and that there are no carbon deposits around the top, if there are, trim them off.  Fuel cannot penetrate carbon, so to ensure a smooth burn remove it.

Also make sure there is no more than a maximum of 1cm of wick showing. If your wick is too high then your lamp will smoke, your chimney will not only get dirty, it also runs the risk of breaking.


Having the correct chimney for your lamp is essential. If you have the wrong chimney, then you will not get sufficient draw, and your lamp will burn weakly. If you are in any doubt, drop us an email with a photo of your lamp and we can advise.


The burner is the engine of your lamp, and as such it needs to be treated with care. To ensure an efficient burn, make sure that the burner is clear of any carbon deposits and that all the ventilation holes are clear.


If you have checked all these points and you still are not happy with your lamp, please contact us, we are happy to advise.

 I attach a useful video below 

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