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Custom Made Glass Shades 


We have access to a full range of production facilities. Depending on the design and size of the light shade, we can begin manufacturing from as few as 30 to in excess of 1000 or more pieces.  Contact us and we will be able to help decide which method is most practical for your design.

Standard Moulds

We have an extensive range of standard moulds. Please browse our four Standard Mould Catalogues below:

Mould Catalogue 1   Mould Catalogue 2   Mould Catalogue 3   Mould Catalogue 4   Mould Catalogue 5

Mould Catalogue 6   Mould Catalogue 7   Mould Catalogue 8   Mould Catalogue 9


As well as the standard clear and white opal, there are a huge range of colours from which to choose from. The extent of the choice is dependent on the quantities and design, but most Pantone colours are available for quantities in excess of 100 pieces.


If your product demands lead crystal glass, for example diamond cut bowl and bell shades, then we would be happy to quote.


Glass is most commonly heated in an oven, often using glass in a sheet form and 'slumping' it over a form or into a mould. This is an ideal method for shallow bowls, curved panels and similar. If you piece is suitable for slumping then we can make anything from one or more pieces.


In Public environments, from a safety point of view, glass is not always the best option. We can supply Polycarbonate and Acrylic Globes, Cylinders and traditional Street lamps for use both in and outdoors.


As well as supplying your light shades we are also happy to offer advice so you can get the best fixings and method of hanging for your light.


In order for us to quote initially a line drawing or a sample is required. From that, we will be able to prepare a cost for a mould, if required, and a unit cost. The lead times vary according to the design and quantity but as a rule they will vary between 4 and 12 weeks from acceptance of the quotation.

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