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Various Sizes of  Oi Lamp Wick
Product Code: 800256
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10"' Kosmos Burner
Product Code: 600010
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Height 66mm
Base Diameter 33mm


12mm Oil Lamp Wick
Product Code: 700398
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15mm  Oil Lamp Wick
Product Code: 700399
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Height 15mm


19mm Oil Lamp Wick for 4 Prong Burners
Product Code: 700405
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27mm Wide Duplex Oil Lamp  Wick
Product Code: 700406
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35mm  Oil Lamp Wick for 6 Line Kosmos Lamp
Product Code: 700410
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41mm Oil Lamp Wick for 8 Line Kosmos  Burners
Product Code: 700411
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48mm Oil Lamp Wick for 10 Line Kosmos  Burners
Product Code: 700412
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58mm Oil Lamp Wick suitable Kosmos 12 Line Burner
Product Code: 700414
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65mm Oil Lamp Wick suitable for Kosmos 14
Product Code: 700417
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Aladdin Lamp  Shade Carrier
Product Code: 700618
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