Upgrade your lighting with John Moncrieff, Scotland's premier Lighting Supplier!

Discover a breath-taking selection of lampshades – contemporary, traditional, and everything in between. We specialize in exquisite glass shades, available in a kaleidoscope of sizes, shapes, colours, and textures. Find the perfect fit for your space, whether it's a vibrantly customized design or a timeless pleated classic.

But we're not just about lampshades! We also offer:

 * Replacement glass shades for a variety of light fittings: ceiling Lights, pendants, wall sconces, and more.

* Hassle-free online ordering: Find the perfect match for your home with our user-friendly filters and great deals.

* Fast and convenient delivery: Get your new shade shipped right to your door.

Stop searching and start illuminating! Visit John Moncrieff today and let your light shine.

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