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3" Base Comet Bulge Oil Lamp Chimney 75mm Base

3" Base Comet Bulge Oil Lamp Chimney 75mm Base

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3" Base  Comet Bulge Oil Lamp Chimney 75mm Base

Bring new life to your oil lamp with a high-quality 3" base comet bulge oil lamp chimney! Made from heatproof borosilicate glass for durability, this chimney is perfect for replacing a broken one or upgrading your lamp's look. The 75mm base ensures a secure fit on 3" 4-prong burners or Queen Anne/Eureka burners.

All our chimneys are made from heatproof/borosilicate glass for added durability.


Height - 200mm

Base Diameter - 75mm

Available in a clear or frosted finish.

Please allow between 3-5 working days for delivery.

Chimney Dimensions
Chimney Height 200mm
Chimney Base Diameter 75mm

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