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Aladdin Lamp 14" Brass Lamp Carrier

Aladdin Lamp 14" Brass Lamp Carrier

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Aladdin Lamp 14" Lamp Carrier for  Fabric Shades

Bring a touch of magic to your home with this beautiful 14" Aladdin Lamp Brass Lamp Carrier. This stunning lamp carrier is perfect for supporting fabric shades and adding a touch of elegance to any room. Made from high-quality brass, this lamp carrier is built to last.   Made to fit burner models from 7 through 23. 

This is designed for the Fabric Shades, it provides a very attractive alternative to the glass shades. The carrier is easy to fit, remove the burner, fit the carrier, and screw the burner back in place 


Height - 100mm

Diameter - 300mm

Centre Hole - 55mm

Please allow between 3-5 working days for delivery.

Centre Hole 55mm
Height 100mm
Diameter 300mm

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