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Balloons, a collection of timeless lights embodying rudimental forms evoking images of hot air balloons, captivates with the beauty of large-format handblown glass and an elegant metal reflector hovering within. The design’s charm lies in the use of two independent glass sections to achieve the impression of an integral whole. Lavish proportions and an elegant hand-pressed metal reflector are the collection’s defining traits. The size of the largest shade pushes the very boundaries of glassblowing technology and illustrates the exceptional skill and craftsmanship of Bohemian glassmakers. The Balloons collection is one of the pillars of the BROKIS portfolio. The lights come in three sizes. Balloons also make an outstanding sculptural statement during the day when they are switched off.

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Technical Details

Glass ColourClass SurfaceReflectorCable Colour
  • Transparent Glass (CGC23)
  • Smoked Grey (CGC516)
  • Smoke Brown (CGC538)
  • Glossy Surface (CGSU66)
  • Metal - Black Matte Powder Coating (CCS846)
  • Metal - White Matte Powder Coating (CCS845)
  • Lemon Yellow - (CCS613)
  • Reflective Orange (CCS574)


  • Copper (CCS584)
  • Brass (CCS69)


  • Chrome - (CCS275)
  • Black Chrome (CCS959)
  • Chrome Brushed (CCS960)
  • Black (CECL519)
  • White (CECL521)
  • Dark Grey (CECL520)
  • Light Grey (CELC1918)
  • Red - (CECL530
  • Yellow - (CECL606

These items are made to order and the leadtime is approx. 6-8 weeks.

Please call our office on 01577 864870 or email us at to discuss your requirements

Height 785mm
Diameter 550mm

Balloon Large Table Lamp

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  • £2,012.40

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