Unleash the Crackle: Custom Made Crackled Glass Cylinder Shades

Light shimmering through mesmerizing crackle patterns, cascading down a sleek glass cylinder, transforming your space into a haven of captivating illumination. With John Moncrieff Ltd, you can design your own bespoke crackled glass cylinder shades, handcrafted to add a touch of magic and personality to your lighting.

Embrace the Crackle Magic:

Endless Customisation: Choose from various crackle intensities, finishes (clear, frosted, coloured), and sizes to achieve your desired aesthetic. No two shades are ever the same!

Handcrafted Brilliance: Each shade is meticulously hand-blown by skilled artisans, ensuring unmatched quality and a touch of artistic uniqueness.

Captivating Light Play: The enchanting crackle pattern diffuses light beautifully, creating soft, diffused illumination with mesmerizing shadows and reflections.

Modern Elegance: These aren't just shades, they're statement pieces that seamlessly blend modern minimalism with a touch of vintage charm.


Please note there may be a MOQ for certain sizes.  This will be discussed at the time of consultation.

Crackled Glass Cylinders

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