Meissen Style Table Lamp

Meissen style table lamps are known for their exquisite craftsmanship, elegant designs, and beautiful hand-painted motifs. Meissen porcelain is some of the most sought-after in the world, and Meissen style table lamps are a popular choice for collectors and home décor enthusiasts alike.

Meissen style table lamps are typically made of high-quality porcelain and feature intricate designs and patterns. The porcelain is often hand-painted with floral, bird, or figural motifs. Meissen style table lamps are often topped with a fabric shade that complements the overall design of the lamp

**Please note there is some damage to the hand of the figurine.  Pictures to show this.**


Height - 430mm

Diameter - 220mm

Please allow 3-5 working days for delivery.

Meissen Style Table Lamp

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