Monart Glass Vase in Green

 Monat Glass Vase in Light Green stripped colorway. .  Monart Shape D IX.   This item will come complete with an authentication certificate.

magine the soft hues of a spring meadow captured in glass. The Monart vase in light green is a delicate dance of milky white and pale green stripes, swirling and twisting with the elegance of a ballerina's skirt. Crafted using the marvering technique, each stripe whispers a story of molten glass, hand-shaped by skilled artisans.


Height - 155mm

Shape - Monart Shape D IX


Good condition.  There is a small hole (pictured) this was made as a lamp base previous and this is reflected in the price

Please allow 3-5 working days for Delivery

Shade Specification
Height 155mm

Monart Glass Vase in Light Green

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