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Monart Glass Vase in Green/Blue

Monart Glass Vase in Green/Blue

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Monart Glass Vase in Green/Blue

Step back in time with this timeless treasure! The Monart vase, with its swirling hues of green and blue, whispers tales of mid-century elegance. The mottled pattern adds a touch of intrigue, making it a conversation starter for any coffee table or bookshelf. Add a touch of retro sophistication to your space with this Monart masterpiece!

  Certificate of Authentication will be provided


Height - 165mm

Diameter - 110mm

Colour - 116 - Green/Blue

Shape - Possibly HF VIII


Excellent Condition.  There is no chips or cracks

Please allow 3-5 working days for Delivery

Height 165mm
Diameter 110mm

Tags: Monart Glass Vase in Turquoise