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Round Glass Rods

Round Glass Rods

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Sculptural Illumination: Custom Made Round Glass Rods for Lighting

Imagine: Light cascading through a forest of your own design, crafted from exquisite handblown glass rods. With John Moncrieff Ltd, you can transform ordinary lighting into sculptural masterpieces, bespoke round glass rods that tell your story in shimmering light.

Unleash Your Inner Architect:

Shape Your Vision: Dream up any form imaginable, from cascading clusters to minimalist arrangements, geometric wonders to organic creations. Share your sketches, pictures, or even hand-drawn ideas, and we'll translate them into breath-taking reality.

Material Magic: Choose from a variety of glass types (clear, frosted, coloured, textured) and finishes (polished, etched, painted) to bring your vision to life with captivating effects.

Tailored Dimensions: Whether you envision delicate accents or sweeping installations, we create rods in various lengths and diameters to perfectly illuminate your space.

Beyond Lighting: Craft stunning centrepieces or display treasured collections, all bathed in the glow of your unique creation.


Please note there is a MOQ and this will be discussed at the time of consultation.

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