Brass Snuffer Weight for Duplex Oil Lamp 

Keep your duplex oil lamp burning safely and elegantly with this classic brass snuffer weight. This weighted piece ensures smooth snuffer operation, extinguishing your lamp's flame gently and effectively. Made from solid brass for long-lasting durability and a beautiful antique look, this snuffer weight is the perfect accessory for any duplex oil lamp.

Back in stock these snuffer weights, hangs, via a split ring from the extinguisher arm 

These would have been a feature of every Double Wick/Duplex lamp, sadly most have been lost.

The weight is supplied with a suitable split ring


Height -  28mm

These are suitable for Quality Duplex Burners 

Please allow between 3-5 working days for delivery.

Chimney Dimensions
Chimney Height 28mm

Brass Snuffer Weight for Duplex Oil Lamp

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