• Shaped Glass Globes (with or without Fitter Neck)

Embrace Uniqueness: Custom Made Shaped Glass Globe Shades

Light illuminating a world of your own creation, cast through bespoke glass globes meticulously shaped to your vision. With [Your Company Name], you can transform ordinary lighting into singular expressions of your style with our custom made shaped glass globe shades.

Unleash Your Imagination:

Endless Shapes & Designs: Dream up any shape your heart desires, from classic globes to geometric wonders or organic forms. Share your sketches, pictures, or even hand-drawn designs, and we'll bring them to life.

Handcrafted Mastery: Each shade is meticulously hand-blown by skilled artisans, ensuring unmatched quality and a touch of artistic soul.

Unparalleled Customization: Choose from a variety of glass types (clear, frosted, coloured), finishes (polished, etched, painted), and sizes to personalize every detail.

Statement Pieces: Your vision materialised in stunning glass, becoming a conversation starter and the focal point of any room.


Please note there is a minimum order quantity of 50-100 pieces.  This will be discussed at the time of consultation.

Shaped Glass Globes (with or without Fitter Neck)

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