The Whistle collection is, quite literally, a living reference to the work of glassmakers, as inspiration for the design was taken from the blowpipe, which in Czech is known as a glassmaker’s whistle.

The lucid body of the piece traces the silhouette of a cone of light, and a distinct spotlight with hand-pressed metal shield constitutes its imaginary heart.

The overall shape and the naked cable winding its way up through the body of the light define the character of its simplistic technical form. 

Price Guide

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Price C£1,641.00

Technical Details

Glass ColourGlass SurfaceReflectorCanopy
  • Transparent Glass (CGC23)
  • Smoked Grey (CGC516)
  • Smoke Brown (CGC538)
  • Opaline (CGC38)
  • Glossy surface (CGSU66)


  • Metal Black matte powder coating (CCS846)
  • Metal white matte powder coating (CCS845)
  • Grey (CCS780)
  • Magenta (CCS724)
  • Menthol (CCS723)


  • Copper (CCS584)
  • Brass (CCS69)
  • Chrome (CCS275


  • Metal Black matte powder coating (CCSC619) (PC952, PC953 PC961)
  • Metal white matte powder coating (CCSC618) (PC952, PC953, PC961)
  • Metal Grey matt powder coating (CCSC894) (PC952, PC953)
  • Metal Magenta matte powder coating (CCSC892) (PC952, PC953)
  • Metal Menthol matt powder coating (CCSC893) (PC952, PC953)


  • Copper (CCSC896) (PC952, PC953)
  • Brass (CCSC897) (PC952, PC953)
  • Chrome (CCSC895) (PC952, PC953)

These items are made to order and the leadtime is approx. 6-8 weeks.

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Height 550mm
Width 360mm

Whistle Medium Single Pendant

  • Product Code: PC953
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • £1,392.00

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