Lighting up the Silver Screen: Shaping the mood with Film and TV Lighting

In the world of film and television, lighting is far more than just illuminating the set. It's a powerful storytelling tool used to create atmosphere, guide the viewer's eye, and evoke emotions.  Lighting is a crucial element in setting the mood, time period, and atmosphere in film and television productions.


By effectively using shades, diffusers, and various lighting techniques, filmmakers can create a visual language that transports viewers to any time period and heightens the emotional impact of the story.

John Moncrieff Ltd work with many TV & Film production companies, both in the UK and Overseas.


Among the more popular items, we have oil lamps, art deco table lamps, antique wall lights and custom-made chandeliers.  We work closely with the set designers to ensure he lights provided by John Moncrieff stay faithful to the period of time it represents. 


We can also create custom made items.  In the first instance, please send a sketch or drawing to our team at or call our office on 01577 864870.